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Personal and Small Business Taxes

We can help you with the tangled web of tax credits, confusing forms and changing tax laws. We enjoy the visit with our clients during their personal interview and complete their taxes at the same time. This way we can answer questions, ensure accuracy of the tax return and tax plan for the year to come. No tax return is too small or uncomplicated for our personal service. This is your personal taxes and we take it very seriously.

For our small business customers we spend time talking about bookkeeping, what is deductible in your business and what other business tax filings that might pertain to you or your business are. We can discuss if it is time to consider converting your business to an LLC, Partnership or Corporation.Our bookkeeping department can complete your bookkeeping before the tax appointment, or help you with your payroll needs, tax license, sales tax returns or other necessary business filings. We consider one of our most important jobs is keeping you in compliance with all of your business filing requirements.