Come prepared for your appointment.

Download the questionnaires you will need to prepare yourself for a productive tax appointment.  We look forward to sitting with you and going over your documents and preparing the best tax return allowed by law.  Remember we are limited to what you give to us, but we can certainly remind you of what you may have forgotten.   Contact us and make your appointment right away, as the choice spots fill up fast.  Don’t forget we offer a 10% discount of our fees for January appointments.  If your still missing an important document, we can’t finish them, but can certainly do 90% of the tax return and just send us the documents when you get them.  Be sure and play our fun game on the back of our annual letter for another $5.00 off.  Then if you get our bonus question, it’s another $5.00 off.   We here at TAXES ‘N BOOKS, INC., LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING WITH YOU!